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Performance Coaching

Find the clarity & freedom to overcome what's holding you back

Identify the fear

Exchange it for truth

Perform with freedom

Don't lose out on the potential you know you have

It is very frustrating when you are struggling to find......

And it's unfair when...

You deserve...

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Here's how it works

The process

Identify the false

Describe one of your services

Exchange it for truth

Describe one of your services

Have new clarity

Describe one of your services

Ryan Erwin, AD


"Johnny had an immediate impact at ETBU. His ability to engage student-athletes is truly unique, and he provided great insight for our entire athletic department."

Jon Shehan, HC

Millersville University, Baseball

"Partnering with Johnny has been a huge step forward for the well-being of our athletes. He has walked along-side them while they walk through tough questions, ultimately allowing them to play with freedom."

Mark Olsen

The Julliard School of Drama

“Johnny is a gifted teacher. He is warm, alert, compassionate, direct, and resourceful. He is also a terrific human being, full of curiosity and humor. Rest assured, if you work with Johnny, you are in good hands."
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